Smoke cleansing is a wonderful way to transform your self-care routine into a sacred ritual of energetic hygiene. A simple practice of burning dried herbs, smoke cleansing has both physical and energetic benefits. Herbs like garden sage, lavender, and rosemary have been shown to help ward off viruses and the earthy aroma can increase feelings of peace and calm. It is best to use either home-grown or sustainable and ethically sourced herbs for your practice.

To smoke cleanse, simply light the end of your dried herb bundle until it begins to smolder. Using a fire-proof dish, gently waft the smoke around you and the corners of your space. While you bathe in smoke, allow the smoke to help lift your worries and set in motion new intentions. This ritual can last a few minutes or as long as you need. When you feel ready, snuff out your bundle and open your windows. Letting the smoke out will help refresh your space and leave you feeling renewed.


Derived from eastern philosophy, it is widely accepted that energy moves through the body in several patterns. Chakras are focused areas of rotating energy correlated with nerve bundles located along the spine. When one or more of these energy centers become out of balance with either too much or too little movement, physical and emotional symptoms may arise.


Listed below are the chakra names, associated colors, where they are located, their general function, and correlated crystals + essential oils for balancing.


Root Chakra - Base of the Spine - Security & Belonging

- Black Tourmaline + Lemongrass

Sacral Chakra - Lower Belly - Emotional Flow & Pleasure

- Carnelian + Orange

Solar Plexus Chakra - Belly - Self-Esteem & Confidence

- Citrine + Rosemary

Heart Chakra - Chest - Loving Connection & Compassion

- Amazonite + Eucalyptus

Throat Chakra - Larynx - Speaking Truth & Authenticity

- Sodalite + Peppermint

Third Eye Chakra - Forehead - Intuition & Wisdom

- Amethyst + Lavender

Crown Chakra - Top of the Head - Divine Connection

- Rose Quartz + Frankincense


Understanding our true nature means integrating the physical body with energetic experience. This is empowering and can lead to deep healing.


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