Jasmine Hornberger, DC

Chiropractor, Functional Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master

I have owned and operated Inspired Health Chiropractic in Grand Haven for eight years and was inspired to move here in 2012 to be close to Lake Michigan. I infuse the grounded recommendations of being outside as part of my holistic approach to health and healing and enjoy hiking, sailing, and playing with my pug, Chachi.

I have over 300 hours in functional nutrition and focus on balancing body chemistry using Standard Process whole food supplements. I believe in supporting your internal chemical environment to aid in the recovery of injuries and imbalances.


As a full-time chiropractor and 200 hr registered yoga teacher, I am able to quickly and accurately asses your biochemical and structural alignment, giving recommendations of posture-corrective habits and strengthening exercises, and assist in non-emergent pain presentations. With a few simple procedures, I am able to support your mobility journey through deeply understanding functional movement.

I am passionate about helping my local and virtual community move away from pain-based, reactionary care and focus on long-term prevention and holistic natural living. I believe everyone has the capability to remove interference, restoring optimal body function and reclaiming a full and vibrant life.

I look forward to helping you discover your Everyday Alignment,

Dr. Jasmine



Seeing clearly in the dark

A dream I had several years ago is very relevant and inspiring me during this pandemic. Change has been thrust upon us, how can I help illuminate your next steps? I believe in you.

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