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Group Reiki Share
with Kacie Steigman of Soul Sparkle Healing

Reiki energy is universal Life-force energy that is channeled through a practitioner entering the clients body and healing energetic blocks, stagnant energy and feelings of discomfort, both emotionally and physically. This reiki circle is designed to use our individual energies as a collective to amplify this healing to bring peace, love, joy and acceptance to each member.

We will share a little bit about what brings you to the circle; you can be as specific or as vague as you feel comfortable in this safe space. The thought behind sharing is to build the community bond, and chances are you might hear someone who is there for the same or similar reasons that brings you here. This provides a sense of comfort and empathy as well as starting the flow of energy between all members. After sharing, we will take note of the things being brought up and use our collective vibration to send healing to those circumstances and into those places. While you may not be an energy healer or a practitioner, you can still generate energy and send it. This will generate a warm flow for the circle to feel and benefit from. When we share our love and compassion for each other we are creating a bank of energy that we may draw from as well.

We will then do a meditation while I come around and flow Reiki to each person individually. So you will feel the collective love and acceptance as well as the universal healing energy that is Reiki. You will get the best of both energies!

We will close by discussing any feelings that may have shifted, or lightened through the experience, and will do one more round of gratitude for the experience, as well as to the circle participants for their positive energy contribution. Gratitude will not only seal in that positive energy but help you stay high vibration as you leave and move about the remainder of your day. 


Participant should bring a yoga mat or blanket to sit on as well as any pillows as we will stay comfortably seated for this Healing circle.

Next gathering TBA

Salt Scrub Image 2.PNG

Cleanse and Release
with Kacie Steigman of Soul Sparkle Healing

With the season of renewal upon us, we are going to make sure we know how to properly and effectively cleanse ourselves of the things that no longer resonate with us and we are ready to let go of.  It can be something as simple as letting go of a brief interaction with someone who rubbed you the wrong way, or as big as saying goodbye to something substantial. 

For our best sake, we need to get rid of energy we don't need to carry anymore to make space for the good  and the positive. We are going to cover why and how we do this properly and effectively. 

Then we will close  our afternoon by making our very own body scrub infused with our intention to let go when we use this special salt scrub in our own spa days going forward at home. Make a custom scent, and scrub away the vibes you want to get rid of, leaving you clean and reminding you that you decide what you carry emotionally and energetically. 

Come join for a fun afternoon where we will talk about protecting our energy, cleansing the things we want to release and have some fun with a craft project for you to take home.

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Creating Magic
with Kacie Steigman of Soul Sparkle Healing

This interactive workshop is a fun crafting event, where we will work on harnessing our power and confidence while using intention to direct our energy. We will cover these topics while we make our own custom and personalized magic wands.

The wand is a symbol to remind us that it’s just a tool for directing energy; It is our intention. You are the magic.

This is a great time to take all of our plans we’ve made during the winter season and recharge our confidence and intention as we enter spring. The renewal and rebirth time of year where we put all of our plans we’ve made into motion. We can step forward into the next phase of the year with confidence and precision and we will cover what that looks like in daily life.

Join us for a magical experience growing and evolving while creating a symbol of your magic that you get to keep. 

Crafting supplies will be provided but please feel free to bring anything you would like to incorporate into your own wand.

Next gathering TBA

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