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Wild Heart Cacao Ceremony

An intimate afternoon of sacred connection, energetic release and vibrational recalibration aligned with the Wheel of the Year holidays.

This two hour experience opens in circle with a release ritual where you are invited to write down things that are heavy on your heart and then, in unison, we will burn our pieces of paper. The alchemical process of burning not only physically transforms paper into ash, but swiftly unravels the energy involved around those heavy feelings and/or situations. It's a beautiful and cathartic release that gently opens us to the sacred medicine of cacao. Cozy up with a blanket and slowly sip a unique blend of organic cacao and spices, served warm in a heart-shaped rose quartz mug. When ceremonial cacao is mindfully consumed it opens the heart chakra, creating a vortex for powerful healing. During this time we will have open discussion of our deepest desires, infusing our heart chakra with love and hope. As this energy builds, I will intuitively draw 2-3 cards from my tarot/oracle decks to hone in on specific themes to aid in our collective expansion. We will close our time together with deep breathing and a gratitude mediation.

$40, 10 spaces available
Sunday March 19th, 3-5p
in celebration of the Spring Equinox
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Chakra Balancing Sound Bath

An intimate afternoon of intentional relaxation.

Unwind, reset and restore the nervous system weaving together the vibrations of crystal signing bowls, hand drum, cymbals, rain stick, and meditation drum.

$30, 10 spaces
Sunday February
 26th, 3-4:30

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