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Grounding Nature Walk
with Dr. Jasmine & Kacie Steigman, Reiki Master

Our grounding nature walk is designed to connect participants with the profound healing power of nature. We commence with a warm welcome and an engaging icebreaker activity titled "Nature Memory Sharing," allowing participants to share their treasured memories related to the great outdoors. This not only sets a positive and inclusive tone, but also acquaints everyone with the group.

Next, we delve into the intriguing world of negative ions. These are naturally formed particles that have a host of health benefits. They're abundant in places with moving water, like waterfalls and rain, or in densely green areas. Participants will learn how these ions uplift mood, enhance well-being, and contribute to the tranquility many feel in nature.

The highlight of our workshop is the guided grounding nature walk. A few deep breathing exercises will set a serene pace. As the walk progresses, designated stops will introduce participants to the magic of negative ions, especially around water bodies or lush green patches. A "Nature's Symphony" session is designed to hone the senses, where participants indulge in silent listening, capturing the symphonies of nature from bird songs to rustling leaves. During the height of our walk, participants will have the opportunity to walk barefoot or hug a tree, connecting directly with the Earth. Concluding our walk, a group “Mindful Discussion” will follow, encouraging participants to reflect on and share personal experiences of nature's soothing embrace.

Lastly, participant feedback will be sought, ensuring the workshop continually evolves, making each iteration better than the last.
We prioritize the safety and comfort of everyone, ensuring that routes and activities are accessible and adaptable based on individual needs.

$10, 15 spots available
Tuesday September 19th, 6:30-8:00p

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Community Cacao Ceremony
with Dr. Jasmine Hornberger of Everyday Alignment

An intimate afternoon of sacred connection, energetic release and vibrational recalibration aligned with the Equinox/Solstice holidays,

This hour and a half experience opens in circle with a release ritual where you are invited to write down things that are heavy on your heart and then, in unison, we will burn our pieces of paper. The alchemical process of burning not only physically transforms paper into ash, but swiftly unravels the energy involved around those heavy feelings and/or situations. It's a beautiful and cathartic release that gently opens us to the sacred medicine of cacao. Cozy up with a blanket and slowly sip a unique blend of organic cacao and spices, served warm in a heart-shaped rose quartz mug. When ceremonial cacao is mindfully consumed it opens the heart chakra, creating a vortex for powerful healing. During this time we will have open discussion of our deepest desires, infusing our heart chakra with love and hope. As this energy builds, I will intuitively draw 2-3 cards from my tarot/oracle decks to hone in on specific themes to aid in our collective expansion. We will close our time together with deep breathing and a gratitude mediation.

6 spaces left
Sign-up is FREE
Donations are appreciated on the day of the event
Saturday, Sept 23rd, 10a-11:30a
in celebration of the Fall Equinox
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Chakra Balancing Sound Bath
with Dr. Jasmine Hornberger of Everyday Alignment

In this magical journey of self-discovery and relaxation, you'll experience the healing power of sound and vibrations, as they harmonize your energy centers and restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow yourself time to settle in and relax before the event begins. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot in advance.


During this 90-minute event Dr. Jasmine will guide you through an immersive meditative experience using the pure, resonant tones of crystal singing bowls. Each bowl is specifically tuned to the seven main chakra energy centers, allowing you to release blockages, realign, and attune to your natural state of harmony and well-being.


Event Schedule:

Welcome and Introduction (10 mins)
Light Stretching and Intention Setting (20 mins)
Sound Bath (40 minutes)
Guided Meditation and Grounding (20 minutes)
What to Bring:
Wear comfortable clothing
Yoga mat or cushion to lie on
Blanket or shawl for added warmth
Eye pillow or light scarf to cover your eyes (optional)
Water bottle to stay hydrated
Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow yourself time to settle in and relax before the event begins. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot in advance.

Next session TBA
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