2022 Vision + Renovation Updates

Time to bring a deeper vision of Everyday Alignment to life!


What you can expect to see throughout this year:


Larger Studio Space

- small renovation will combine 2 rooms together for an 11’x24’ space at the clinic


6-8 person yoga/movement classes

- restoring mind/body communication through understanding functional + primal movement

- improving confidence in your body during injury/trauma recovery


Sacred Circles

- creating intimate community around beautiful practices including burn/intention and cacao ceremonies, wheel of the year celebrations and tea + tarot


Group Sound Healing

- unwind, reset and restore the nervous system weaving together the vibrations of crystal signing bowls, hand drum, cymbals, rain stick, and meditation drum


After closing Sol+Sage (my yoga studio) in 2019 and moving out of the physical space in 2020 during the height of the pandemic, I thought that part of my journey was done — little did I know the energy was just tucked away for a while. And now, after my own growth and transformation, I’m ready to ELEVATE with all of you.


Stay tuned, more details will be released as the renovation gets underway!