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When the spine is aligned, it allows for uninterrupted communication from the brain through the spinal cord to all the body’s organs and tissues. By addressing the mechanics of your body’s joint and musculature health, we ensure your body is primed to fight illness, recover from injury, and carry you through your day with optimum strength and flexibility.


This is a myofascial release technique that compliments and aids the chiropractic adjustment. The suction created when the cups are placed on your skin help to decrease inflammation, regulating appropriate tissue breakdown; increase blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the area; decrease muscle spasm and pain, providing relaxation; and increase connective tissue space, allowing freedom of movement.


Not only is your body affected by the food you eat, but also through every chemical that comes in contact with you. A simple protocol of whole food supplements and herbs may be recommended to help to increase cellular repair and communication. This nutritional solution balances overall body health and organ function. Common health concerns addressed: cellular nutrition, hormone balance, gut health, immune support, and emotional health.


 This nutrition muscle response technique utilizes the chiropractic leg length check and seamlessly connects the spinal level of involvement with the connected organ system allowing for an easy, full-system check; not just joints, muscles and nerves.

What you can expect during an exam
• getting specific about your main health concerns
• muscle testing the spinal level and organ system involved for both a nutritional support and/or the need for a chiropractic adjustment
• re-checking monthly for observational improvement and symptom resolution
• helping you hold your chiropractic adjustments longer, decreasing the need for so many adjustments
• focusing on healing your whole self, not just the spine


This is is a simple and effective way of gently releasing stuck emotions. Emotions originate in the body by your organs — each organ creates a specific neuropeptide and the brain then interprets these neuropeptides and we collectively call this cascade of events an emotion. Utilizing the muscle response test, we can quickly identify the emotion and the organ of origin. Then using programmed bronze discs called Bioresonators, we are able to restore the flow of energy through your meridians and expand your Biofield (aura).


The heart sound recorder is a computer-based low risk general wellness monitor which uses the principles of auscultation to acquire, display, record, and save heart sounds. Certain types of heart stress can be monitored by visualizing the rate, rhythm and tone of the heart cycle. As a result, the heart’s reaction to certain stressors, i.e. chemical, nutritional and emotional, can be observed using this type of device. The response to informed suggestions can be monitored by observing changes of the frequency, ratio, amplitude and characteristics of the heart’s waveform. Comparison graphs can help determine the effectiveness of actions taken to improve the quality of life.


Singing bowls are used to promote relaxation. They produce sounds and vibrations when hit or circled with a mallet. These vibrations may assist in decreasing pain, improve sleep, reduce anger, improve blood pressure, improve respiratory rate, reduce depression, and improve general well-being. Sound therapy is an ancient practice traditionally used in Tibet and neighboring areas for religious and spiritual ceremonies, as well as meditation.


An energy focused experience to relax, calm and connect with your inner self while receiving Reiki energy. This channeled energy will help facilitate healing in your emotional body, restoring energetic flow. 


The session begins with an introduction on what Reiki is as well as going over what you would like to focus on. Following the brief introduction, you will then get cozy on the treatment table for an energetic scan and flow focusing on your chakras being balanced and your aura being cleansed and strengthened through Reiki healing energy. Once the session is complete, there will be a discussion of what was uncovered and a personalized summary of what to do moving forward to maintain optimal energetic flow. All sessions are completely confidential as you are in a safe place cultivating your highest good. Leave with energetic momentum and clarity on how to continue aligned flow of energy every day. 

Functinal Nutrition
Supplement Exam
Emotiona Unwind
Singig Bowl


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