What is Primal Pulse?

Activate your primal energy in a cathartic flow; body pulsing, stomping, spiraling, and floor pounding. These are grounding movements that powerfully release heavy emotion. Now fully embodied, transition into a deep state of relaxation with gentle breathwork, infused with aromatherapy. Finally, allow yourself to be carried by the vibrations of pure quartz crystal singing bowls, creating peace of mind and harmony within your body. Step off your mat feeling energetically turned-on and connected to your wild heart.


This form of movement medicine allows your shadow self to emerge with appropriate boundaries. The nervous system responds to the shadow self by creating negative emotion, like fear or anger. And when we acknowledge the impulse, feel it, and release it through engaging our energy field, these emotions begin to loose their psychic hold on our behavior. This practice helps stimulate resilience and a sense of empowerment.

"Just stumbled on your class and it was AMAZING! I have been looking for a class combining yoga and dance and mindset and yours is the best thing I've ever come across. Thanks so much for making this accessible - it is truly life giving at this stressful time! This is the sweatiest (and the most calm) I've been in months. I'll be back for sure!" - Jacquelin


Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Jasmine, chiropractor and creator of Primal Pulse. I love being barefoot and eating dark chocolate. My current life theme is finding magic all around me, even in the mundane, truly stopping to smell the roses. I am a futuristic thinker that loves to learn, so I've always got my nose in a book or signed up for a continuing education seminar - most likely in functional nutrition. I consider myself an ambivert; I love connecting with people, but I need downtime to re-charge. Movement is my medicine. This practice woke up a deep part of myself, my primal pulse. I feel more connected to my heart-space, I am able to be more compassionate with myself and in turn with others, and feel confident navigating small bouts of anxiety through the cathartic release. After teaching in-studio classes for the past three years, I'm excited to transition my offerings online and I hope you will come along for the ride. Thank you for showing up and showing yourself love, I'll see you on the mat!


XO, Jasmine


Owned/Lead Yoga Instructor at Sol + Sage Movement Studio 2017-2019

Awarded Locally for

Best Yoga Instructor and Best Yoga Class 2018, 2019, & 2020

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