Mindful Nervous System Balance

Are you struggling with negative self-talk, chronic pain or illness, unfulfilling relationships, and overall life dissatisfaction? Do you seek clarity, excitement, and direction? Have you been wondering why others have it easy and you don’t? Are you close to a breakthrough, but feel stagnant?​

Created through mis-perceptions and miscommunication, these common symptoms of general dis-ease of mind/body/spirit can be changed through holistic health, cellular and chemical evaluation, and subtle energy therapy — unlocking life lessons and healing with self-compassion. We will gently unpack your heavy heart, intentionally choose love, and step forward with Everyday Alignment.

Included in your appointment:

  • Initial Connection

we will begin with an intention-setting or release and burn ritual, creating space for your Higher-Self

  • Card Reading

an intuitive reading to help you tune into your inner wisdom; this is recommended only as a tool for self-discovery and reflection

  • Chakra Diagnosis

muscle testing for both a primary and secondary chakra imbalance to better understand how your energy is specifically working for you

  • Reiki Energy Therapy

allow your mind and body to fully relax, tap into universal life flow and unlock the nervous system for a full-body neurological reset

  • Integration

ending your session with a grounding practice for embodiment and integration, and for continued alignment and self-care, specific essential oils, crystals, yoga poses, and nature practices will be recommended

Call to schedule either an in-person or virtual appointment